The importance of hearing in these new times

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Never has it been more important to care about each other by staying at home for the sake of our community’s future. People must stick together – but apart.

By having fewer social activities, families spend more time together, which can either be a positive situation or it can turn into a predicament.

Communication consists of sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings and common day-to-day conversations, but if one of you has hearing problems, it can become frustrating and can lead to miscommunication.

On the one side, there is the uncomfortable feeling of not being heard and, on the other side, a feeling of not being understood, which means people on the receiving end of the conversation can hear but can’t understand. And why is this?

To explain this in a simple way, the loss of hearing can depend on many factors: it can be related to disease as chronic ear infections and other health issues in the past or present; it can be related to professional situations where constant exposure to high levels of noise was part of your daily life; or it can be age-related.

So, the loss of hearing occurs because there are cells in your ear, the cochlea, that get damaged and stop “receiving” information.

This information comes in the form of airwaves and carry frequencies, commonly known as “Hertz”, from low to high. Examples of low-frequency sounds are a rumble of thunder, a tuba, and sounds like the “oo” in ‘who’; examples of high-frequency sounds are a bird chirping, a whistle, and the “s” sound in ‘sun’.

Depending on your hearing loss – and this is the most common situation – you can perfectly hear the low-to-mid frequencies where most consonants and vowels occur as “j”, “m”, “d”, “b”, but struggle to hear the higher and fricative consonants of higher amplitude and pitch as “sh” in ‘shout’, “f”, “s” as in ‘sit’ and “th”.

So, very simply put, these stop being present in the perceived words, which are heard incomplete, leading to a very different answer and causing miscommunication.

But this doesn’t have to be this way. Hearing aids work as equalisers to bring these frequencies back and restore communication.

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