The importance of a marketing launch for your Algarve property

The importance of a marketing launch for your Algarve property

Making the decision to rent your property in the Algarve is a big step to make.

Knowing countless property owners throughout the Algarve, the SandyBlue team understands how much care goes into them. They become a second home, where many new memories are made.

A driving factor of owners making their property available to rent is that they want other families to also enjoy a holiday they will remember forever. Of course, it’s also a great chance to earn extra income when they themselves are not at the property.

When it’s time to launch the property for holiday rentals, there are important steps to take to ensure success. At SandyBlue, we like to call this ‘launch marketing’. Owners taking their first steps into the Algarve villa rental market should know there are many other villas already attracting guests. So, here’s what to do to get your villa or apartment on the map and accommodate guests for years to come.

A listing that stands out

In 2022, guests will be really doing their research to find the perfect property for their holiday. Our team likes to see each property on our portfolio as an individual business, meaning we always start with defining the unique selling points and features. This allows us to create a listing that will really get people’s attention.

At SandyBlue, we strongly believe that fantastic photo shoots of the property, with varying angles, will do your property justice. Guests want to see each area of the villa, as it helps them envision themselves holidaying there.

Along with great photos, a detailed and creative description of the property will further help guests imagine themselves staying there. Describe the sun-filled outdoors or the spacious interiors, while highlighting the great features on offer. Go one step further and give recommendations for the surrounding area, helping potential guests plan their itineraries.

Marketing channels to use

Once a property listing is done, it’s time for more ‘launch marketing’. We have found that the use of social media is particularly useful when showing the imagery, as it introduces the ‘fear of missing out’ emotion in social media users. That alone will make them want to learn more and potentially plan their holiday at your property.

One of the most powerful marketing channels when launching a property is email marketing. From our own experience with a database of over 20,000 guests, the response to travel-related emails is always one of high intrigue. Specific campaigns to put your property in the spotlight will really work wonders for enquiries and bookings.

Get your property on the map in 2022

The Algarve is expecting to welcome thousands of tourists this year, some of whom have not yet picked their dream property for their stay. Now is the time to sell the dream and really put your villa or apartment on the map!

By Joe Mountain

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Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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