Photo of the staff at the entrance of Vitra Clinic celebrating their first anniversary

The human touch in today’s dentistry

Advanced dentistry in the 21st century is a new world, thriving to overcome its negative heritage. “There are so many new materials, technologies and techniques that have been integrated and adapted into dentistry that the challenge today is to be able to select what is truly effective and best for each patient”, Vitra Clinic tell us.

We must all bear in mind that the investment in dentistry goes far beyond all that is visible in a dental office. Sure enough, all high-end dental chairs, scanners, implant devices, lasers, microscopes and so forth do represent a significant expense, however, there is an underlying investment in continuing education and know-how that is essential. Evidence-based dentistry requires the grasp and comprehension of all the ‘tools’ that one has available and the knowledge of which will work best for each case.

The best treatment implies the ability to correctly identify patients’ problems and needs, followed by the capacity to carefully plan the oral rehabilitation, securing both comfort and function and finally the precise execution of the proposed treatment plan, obtaining the desired outcome.

At Vitra Clinic they believe that knowing how to diagnose and plan each case is the cornerstone to success of any medical treatment and, thus, the first diagnostic appointment is the key to success. Therefore, they believe in spending time getting to know each patient – their priorities, their concerns, their desires, and their availability. It’s just then that, with the aid of the necessary clinical and diagnostic exams, they define the adequate treatment plan for each patient.

All the staff at Vitra Clinic is very proud to have reached their first year of existence in Lagoa. It’s their belief that all they have achieved is due to a very special team that brings together over 20 years of continued education and experience in oral rehabilitation, implant, aesthetic and paediatric dentistry and a profound sense of caring and understanding for the wellbeing of all their patients.

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