The Human League play Praia da Rocha

British band The Human League, formed in Sheffield in 1977, will be performing on August 4 at the MEO Spot Summer Sessions in Praia da Rocha, Portimão, from 10pm.

Featuring Philip Oakey, Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall, the band is regarded as one of the most representative Electro Pop/New Wave/Glam bands of the 20th century.

In 1981, they released Dare, which was highly acclaimed worldwide, an album the critics regarded as historic and which changed the direction of electronic pop and a source of endless inspiration for artists such as Madonna, La Roux, Moby and the Pet Shop Boys.

Major stars such as George Michael and Robbie Williams made covers of originals by The Human League.

The band has released nine studio albums, four EPs and 29 singles.

They have had four albums and eight singles in the UK Top Ten, one of which was number 1(two in the US). The band has sold more than 20 million records worldwide.

Tickets cost €25. For more information call 289 800 496