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The greens await you!


After settling into their new lifestyles in Portugal, many expats find it difficult in returning to former outdoor sports and leisure activities, unless they are among the thousands who enjoy the plentiful and superb golfing facilities throughout the Algarve.

One healthy and affordable alternative to golf is outdoor bowling either lawn (flat) or crown green. Bowling is a sport which, for decades, was considered to be “an old man’s game” but this rapidly growing sport is anything but that, with all age groups participating at all levels of the game.

Located only minutes north of the E125 and A22 near Alcantarilha, we are fortunate in having both lawn and crown greens available at Amendoeira, the Oceânico Golf and Sports Complex.

The facilities are excellent with well manicured natural lawn greens and a luxurious club house where food and drink are available to both members and visitors.

Bowling in breathtaking surroundings, invariably in glorious weather, is a very pleasant way of making new friends, enjoying a sport and taking important exercise.  The bowling can be purely social or highly competitive – most members enjoying a combination of the two!

Crown green “roll up” sessions take place every Monday and Thursday commencing at 10am from October until May and at 09.30am during the hotter summer months.

The club welcomes bowlers of all ages and ability and offers both individual and group coaching sessions.  

Myself, the current Singles and Doubles Crown Green Champion, along with Janette O’Neill make ourselves available for tuition on most roll up days.

Unlike most other sports, the “start up” costs are negligible. The bowls are available for hire at the green, the only dress requisite being a pair of flat soled shoes.

Hot off the press is the news that one of the Tavira clubs has just created a crown green bowling section. With membership already in excess of 20 members.

This is terrific news for the Amendoeira club as competitive fixtures are now being arranged, which will undoubtedly result in both an increase in membership and usage of the crown green.

Anyone interested in partaking in team fixtures against Pedras must contact me as soon as possible.

For further information please contact Stuart Greenwood on 282 354 028 or 932 149 497 – alternatively just turn up.

For those preferring team and league bowling, the lawn or flat green bowling may be the game of your choice.  

Amendoeira is fortunate in having four International Bowlers, the experienced Peter and Barbara (Babs) Moss and newcomers Annette Lawrie and “Crown Invader” Stuart Greenwood, all of whom have been selected to represent Portugal against Spain at the Vilamoura Club later this month (see story on page 45).

The lawn green “roll up” sessions are held on Tuesdays and Fridays, at the same times as for crown green, are great fun and well attended.  Teams bowl regularly in both leagues and competitions and many touring groups from the UK also enjoy the Amendoeira hospitality.  The dress code for normal sessions is flat soled white bowling shoes with white attire and bowls are again available for hire for a small charge.  

For further information or to arrange for personal tuition from the experts, please contact Peter or Babs on 961 165 478.

The committee and members of the club express their appreciation to Club Nau and Pizza Restaurant Italia in Ferragudo and to Camping Albufeira for their recent sponsorship of trophies and team shirts.