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THE GHOST by Robert Harris


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THE GHOST by Robert Harris is out in paperback at 11.20 euros.

Britain’s former prime minister is holed up in a remote, ocean-front house in America, struggling to finish his memoirs, when his long-term assistant drowns. A professional ghost-writer is sent out to rescue the project – a man more used to working with fading rock stars and minor celebrities than ex-world leaders. He soon becomes embroiled in the secrets and lies that are coming back to haunt the former leader.

Robert Harris’s controversial and much-praised novel is now available in paperback, and will be the reading choice of many in search of an intelligent thriller to keep them entertained and enthralled this summer.  The tension is maintained right up to the last page with an astonishing and unpredictable ending.

Harris worked as a reporter on the BBC’s Newsnight and Panorama programmes, before becoming Political Editor of the Observer in 1987, and then a columnist on the Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph. Harris is the author of Fatherland, Enigma, Archangel, Pompeii and Imperium, all worldwide bestsellers.