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news: The Generator Guy

After three years in business, Bill ‘The Generator Guy’ has built a reputation for honesty, reliability and service that is second-to-none. He combines an excellent product range with a full service, while maintaining a realistic pricing structure. For example, a 5kva DEK silent diesel generator, fitted with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), can be supplied for as little as 1,650 euros.

Bill sources his product range through the internet, where he contacts competitive DEK suppliers in China with his requirements and then puts one against the other until the best product price has been achieved. He then imports the product himself, thus cutting out the need for import agents and distribution companies. The resultant savings are passed on to his customers in the form of extremely competitive prices.

All of the product range can be supplied from stock, which includes 5kva and 6kva silent diesel generators without ATS, diesel water pumps, 200w and 400w wind generators. Any special requirements can be ordered.

The ATS gives total flexibility of use. Once installed, the generator can be left on standby so that, when EDP power supplies go off, it immediately switches on. There is no longer the need to put up with the inconvenience of power cuts.

The diesel water pumps can be set up to supply an instant water source from the swimming pool in case of fire. Wind generators can provide an effective and economic alternative source of power. The entire range of equipment is reliable, robust and economical.

Bill offers a total service designed to suitindividual needs. He will go to a location to recommend the product needed, and can supply only or install the equipment as well. He offers annual maintenance and extended warranty if required. Equipment rental can also be arranged.

• For immediate assistance and delivery, contact Bill Inglebright on 916 108 051, Tel/Fax 282 688 307, or email [email protected]