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The Foreign Correspondent


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The Foreign Correspondent by Alan Furst is out in paperback at 10.50 euros.

In Paris, on a winter night in 1938, a murder/suicide at a discreet lovers’ hotel is no romantic tragedy, it is the work of the OVRA, Mussolini’s fascist secret police. It is designed to eliminate the editor of Liberazione, a clandestine emigre newspaper.

Carlo Weisz, a foreign correspondent with the Reuters bureau, becomes the new editor.

At the moment of the murder, Weisz is in Spain, reporting on the last campaign of the Spanish Civil War but as soon as he returns to Paris he is pursued by the French Surete, by agents of OVRA and by officers of the British Secret Intelligence Service.

In the desperate politics of a Europe on the brink of war, a foreign correspondent becomes a pawn, subjected to surveillance, blackmail and murder.

This is a quiet, beautifully written spy thriller with excellent creation of character and elegant prose.