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The flying carpet service

There’s nothing fly about Eagle Maintenance. It is an upholstery and carpet cleaning company which has been established in the Algarve for seven years priding itself on providing a punctual and professional service throughout the region.

“There is absolutely no need to put up with grubby chairs, soiled sofas and dirty carpets,” says Heather Eagle, co-owner of the business.

Whether it be in a private house or holiday rental accommodation, Eagle Maintenance cleans everything in-situ, making the process more convenient for clients. Restaurant or bar seating can be cleaned while the premises are closed, as the company operates flexible hours to meet individual customer’s requirements.

“My husband Roy and I set up Eagle Maintenance in 2000, when we moved to the Algarve. We bought an existing carpet and upholstery cleaning business and benefited from the previous owner’s 11 years experience,” said Heather. “Within a few months, we upgraded everything and became very busy.”

Most of the business is generated by word of mouth. “It speaks volumes when we’ve been recommended,” says Heather. “It is so good to leave a customer with everything looking and smelling clean and for them to ask for a few business cards so that they can recommend the company.”

Over the years, the company has met all sorts of unusual requests from headboards to sun loungers, mobile home seating to yacht carpeting.

With standard prices for upholstery and charges per square metre for carpets and rugs, instant quotes can be given over the phone.

For more information please telephone 918 803 538 or 282 782 585.