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The first in Portugal

A lime scale defeating device, the Helix-Static Nanode, is now available in the Algarve via resident and sole Portugal distributor, Ian Nuttall.

The stand-alone Nanode, that is fitted to a property’s main water feed, reduces and inhibits lime scale and corrosion through scientific balance by simply changing the molecular structure of lime scale, transforming it into powder that is unable to stick to pipe work interiors, boilers, washing machines and more.

The devices come in two sizes: the HS15, which is suitable for apartments and costs €200 inclusive of instalment, and the HS20 for villas that costs €230 including fitting.

Both last five years after instalment and require no maintenance.  

Ian Nuttall told the Algarve Resident: “The Nanode is a super device, as the only other alternative to lime scale problems is to purchase a salt based water softener, which can cost in excess of €2,000, plus running costs, service, repairs and more. I am proud to be Portugal’s first and only distributor of the Helix-Static Nanode.”

For further information, please contact Ian on 917 375 597 or 282 419 005 or see www.westwatergroup.eu