The eyes have it

OF OUR five senses, eyesight provides 80 per cent of the information we receive. Since the human eye is one of our most highly developed organs it is important we protect it properly, especially living in the sunny climate of the Algarve.

In June 2006, Opticalvor opened in the centre of Alvor and, after a busy first few months, owner Bruno Rui Gassin Tomé and his colleague Andreia Janeiro have settled into their new premises.

With more than seven years experience, including working with optician chain Multiopticas, Bruno knows the industry well. His decision to open an opticians in Alvor was based on the fact that there was no one else offering the service in what he felt was an ideal location, largely due to the amount of expatriates living in the area and high amounts of tourists in the summer.

“Alvor has nothing like this,” he said, “and I really wanted to be able to work for myself doing something I enjoy.”

Opticalvor supplies everything a customer will ever need in relation to eye care. It has a diverse range of designer frames in differing styles to suit your taste, all of which are combined with top quality lenses from worldwide lens manufacturer Essilor.

Opticalvor also provide a range of stylish Italian designer sunglasses Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Rayband, Versace, Armani and Cabrera.

The upstairs of the premises holds an examination room where, for 20 euros, you can have a thorough eye examination with all the latest technology. In the other room Bruno stores the machinery to make the glasses, so once you have brought in your prescription your glasses can be ready within 10 minutes.

When asking Bruno what he felt was most important in looking after the health of your eyes he spoke of the importance of wearing high quality sunglasses.

“The cheaper option can really damage your eyesight due to what they put in the lens. It’s important to invest in a proper pair with dark lenses.”

The bad news is that even if we take strict care of our eyes it is inevitable and a proven fact that once we reach 45, we will experience presbyopia. This is a natural age-related process affecting the crystalline lens, regardless of whether they have always had normal vision or have suffered various impairments.

This minor deterioration is the main problem opticians come across, however, OpticAlvor believes that their quality facilities and comforting surroundings provide an assuring hand to people once they have to deal with failing vision.

Opticalvor is open Monday to Saturday from 10-8pm and stays open until midnight in the summer months. For more information call 282 441 088.

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