The Exterminator has arrived!

news: The Exterminator has arrived!

FOR YEARS, Ken and his team at Action Complete Pest Control have tried to find the most effective and environmentally sound way of getting rid of termites, woodworm and the old house borer from wooden furniture and structural beams. Chemical sprays have proved ineffective as they cannot penetrate the wood through the varnish, but now Ken has found the answer. Developed in the US, the Electro-Gun is an innovative, technically intricate, hand-held electronic system, which combines high frequency and voltage to zap those pesky little bugs.

Action Complete Pest Control is the only company in Europe licensed and trained to use the Electro-Gun. With successful field trials completed in September, the Electro-Gun has been in operation since October, ridding the Algarve of all wood hungry bugs.

The system allows an electrical current to penetrate the wood and flow into the nests of the bugs, killing them by electric shock. It is a unique, powerful, effective, one of a kind, product, which allows Ken to keep in step with the ever-changing pest control business.

In an increasingly environmental aware society, it is difficult to ignore the growing wariness of using toxic products. After all, ridding your home of termites should be a life and death issue for the termites only, not you or the environment.

In the US, the Electro-Gun has been used for more than 26 years to successfully treat wood in thousands of homes as well as hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, apartments and even historical landmarks – and Ken hopes to do the same in Portugal.

The voltage and current that the Electro-Gun delivers are pulsed at high speed, which doesn’t raise the temperature of the wood to the point of burning, cause any physical damage to wood and so can be used on building materials, painted wood and furniture.

The most notable advantage, other than being highly effective and totally non-chemical, is the fact that you do not need to evacuate your home while the process is going on – “15 seconds and they’re zapped,” Ken said.

If you think you have visitors in your wood, give Ken a call and he will have you bug free in no time! Tel 289 793 644 or 968 484 383.