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The Eucalyptus Dance by Ken Barlow

Following a holiday in northern Portugal, Ken and Sue Barlow soon fell in love with the region and realised they had the same dream of packing up from the UK and moving lock, stock and barrel to that beautiful part of the country. This led to the beginning of a new life…

The Eucalyptus Dance by Ken Barlow is a heart warming true story about the trials and tribulations of uprooting and changing lives at 50+, buying land and building a home in rural, Central Portugal. The story is brought to life with humour, pathos and a refreshing way of dealing with an intransigent, bureaucratic system known only too well to most expatriates living in the country. Always moving closer to their goal, Ken and Sue Barlow face setbacks at every stage of their move. These appear insurmountable at times, especially when it comes to builders and their time keeping, but they are made of sterner stuff and refuse to give up, fully enjoying their new way of life, where they have become integrated members of their village community.

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