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The Dream of Rome

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The Dream of Rome

by Boris Johnson

The longest-lasting empire in history, the Roman Empire stretched from Scotland to Libya, from Portugal to Iraq, and ran for over 400 years.  The dream of Rome has lived on ever since, with European leaders through the ages – from Charlemagne to Napoleon to Mussolini – trying and failing to imitate the Roman achievement.  How did the Romans manage to weld the peoples of Europe together to create a single identity?  And what would it take to do it again?

Johnson has produced a bright, breezy and populist account of history – full of swashbuckling japes, bloodthirsty yells, intrigue, action and opinion.  Not a book for someone who likes their history in dry, classics-master style!

Boris Johnson is the MP for Henley-on-Thames and is a journalist and author of both fiction and biography.

In paperback at 14 euros.