The Digital Nomad Lifestyle. The Myths and Realities

What is myth and reality in digital nomad lifestyle?

Today, it’s not uncommon to find people moving around from country to country indefinitely in what appears to be an endless holiday. In fact, these modern “nomads” have a lifestyle not dissimilar to yours. They still work every day and have responsibilities — they’ve just chosen a different lifestyle.

The Digital Nomad lifestyle has its difficulties, and although few ways of living sound as attractive as roaming the world, there are still many myths about travelling while working. Let’s talk about the myths and realities of being a digital nomad.

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What Is a Digital Nomad, anyway?

Let’s start from the beginning, defining what a digital nomad is. When we talk about digital nomads, we talk about people with remote jobs that can earn a living anywhere in the world. And although most people with such jobs stay comfortably at home, others choose to travel the world, sometimes settling temporarily in exotic places.

Digital nomads often only need a computer and a stable Internet connection to earn a living, which gives them immense flexibility. They can be designers, programmers, social media experts, business owners, consultants or online teachers. There are hundreds of jobs that don’t require you to be from nine to six in an office.

Digital nomads might travel a lot, but this is no holiday. The nomad lifestyle comes with responsibilities as well. Here are the myths and realities of being a nomad.

The Myths and Realities of Being a Digital Nomad

Digital nomads have tons of money. Although living abroad can be more expensive than staying at home, that’s not always the case. Most digital nomads look for budget-friendly destinations where their paychecks allow them to live more comfortably. Other than that, most digital nomads are not wealthy. In fact, they often share their cost of living with roommates or travel partners.

Digital nomads don’t work all that much. Actually, digital nomads can work as many hours as an average person, and sometimes more. Digital nomads can work independently or for a company — either way; they are responsible for meeting deadlines and achieving goals just like every other person.

Digital nomads are lonely. Although digital nomads do work alone, they might share a flat with roommates and spend their working hours in coworking spaces, which gives them many opportunities to meet new people. Digital nomad communities exist in almost every country, which are another effective way of keeping good company.


Digital nomads are always young. Many young people indeed choose this lifestyle, and that’s because they often don’t have families that depend on them financially. Once settled down, it’s harder to travel for prolonged periods. Still, there’s no other reason anyone couldn’t become a digital nomad.

The life of digital nomads is exciting. Yes and no. Travelling and getting to know unfamiliar places is exciting, but most of the time, the life of a digital nomad is not dissimilar to yours. Digital nomads still have to work, and that means they’ll spend most of the day missing out on the fun, like the rest of us.

You need to be involved in technology to be a digital nomad. Although tech specialists can earn a decent living as location-independent professionals, there are many other jobs that allow you to work from anywhere, and they don’t require IT skills.

Digital nomads are not productive. As long as you find a place to work without distractions, whether it’s a coworking centre, your apartment or a quiet beach somewhere, you can be as productive as you need to. Being productive is a mindset, so stay organised, and you can be as productive as anyone or more.


Being a digital nomad is easy. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You must prepare yourself before moving around, which means you need the proper knowledge, paperwork, vaccines and equipment to live on a budget wherever you wish to go. Being a digital nomad is not as complicated either — if you really want it, you can become one as well!

Are You Ready to Become a Digital Nomad?

Becoming a digital nomad takes time and lots of preparation, but if that’s the way you want to live, nothing can stop you. Don’t quit your job just yet, though. Do your own research, find remote job opportunities, or consider starting your own online business.

Yes, being a digital nomad might be for you, and Quinta dos Vales might just be the perfect first stop in your journey. From world-class amenities to an authentic winery experience, and with plenty of activities to keep your mind off work for a while, we’re proud to say we can make you feel at home while abroad, for short and long stays – you’ll feel amongst friends and family from your first day.

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