The deer that likes beer

A Chinese deer has developed a penchant for lager at a resort in Weihai, in northern China’s Shandong province.

According to Zhang Xiangxi, who works as a waitress at the resort’s restaurant, she discovered the deer’s unusual tastes when she was cleaning up after some customers.

“I saw a bottle of beer was still half full so I playfully passed it to the deer. Unexpectedly it bit the bottle and raised its head and drank all the beer in one shot,” she said.

Since then, says Zhang, whenever there is any leftover beer she takes it to feed to the deer.

“It has a growing addiction to beer. To begin with it was half a bottle but now it is several big bottles in a row. Her daily feed is around two bottles of beer.

“I don’t know what her maximum appetite for beers is, though we once tried giving her four bottles of beer and she drank them all,” she added.