The Cream Pot

news: The Cream Pot

Ex-showgirl and record breaker Geraldine Gray has left the bright lights of the entertainment world behind her and is now turning her hand to making a living out of what she loves best, baking. “My father was a catering manager and I have always loved cooking. I used to give fabulous dinner parties, my signature dish was game served with a lovely rich sauce. However it was my cakes and puddings which always brought a smile to the faces of my guests, no matter how full anyone was, they would always find room for one of my puddings”!

Having lived in Portugal for nearly two years, Geraldine like many expatriates yearned for a good old-fashioned scone smothered with cream: ‘UHT and longlife just didn’t come near the mark,’ Geraldine said.

However, luckily for us, Geraldine has discovered a source of fresh cream and has gone into overdrive producing it in her new business venture, The Cream Pot. Based at Silves Gare, just down the road from the well-known Obradadas restaurant, Geraldine makes and sells double, single and sour cream along with strawberry shortcakes, coffee and walnut cakes, fresh cream gateaux, chocolate cakes, apple pies, shortbread, scones and lemon meringue pies. She will also bake to order, “freshly made scones take half an hour and a fresh cream cake takes two hours”.

As Geraldine prefers baking in the kitchen to driving around the Algarve delivering, she would prefer for her customers to collect their orders, however she realises that this is not always possible. For five euros she will deliver within a 25 kilometre radius, i.e. Vilamoura to Lagos, 10 to 20 euros for further afield and if orders have a value of 30 euros or more, delivery is free.

For more information you can contact Geraldine on 916 627 698, but if the scones and cream that we enjoyed in the office the other day are anything to go by, I would just go down to The Cream Pot and let your stomach do the talking!