The cost of hearing

Dear Editor,

I have reached the age where failing eyes and hearing have become a constant fact of life, not to mention the effects of gravity.

However, there seemed to be someone out there that was on my side – realising of course that most people of “our age” also have limited incomes, a saviour was found with a company that was nearby and would sell me a hearing aid for a very reasonable price, including a hearing test!  Who could want for more (although I hear voices saying “too good to be true”)?

After tests I was advised that the reasonably priced hearing aid was not suitable for my hearing loss, which was considered to be only moderate.

However they did have on special offer a hearing aid which would be perfect for me. After being “ fitted” I had to get to the nitty gritty of – something that is a delicate subject – the price.

That was the SHOCK I had gone into the company expecting to come out with change from a tenner, now I was being told that there wouldn’t be much change from 3,000 euros,  and that was half price. Needless to say their offer was declined.

I am wondering if I am the only person who has fallen foul of this once in a life time special offer and if the mysterious €10.00 hearing aid actually exists.

A slightly hard of hearing reader