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The complete treatment with Chic Cosmética

ASTRID VOS, who has lived in the Algarve since September, has opened a cosy and relaxing beauty salon in Lagoa, Chic Cosmética.

A beautician since 1989, Astrid prides herself on her ability to work with her hands, “I prefer to use my hands when giving massages and facials, as the connection is much better. I think its better to avoid using machines because, provided you use a really good product and you know what you’re doing, you can get much further with it to give a much better result.”

Astrid worked in much larger premises in her native Holland, but wanted to get back to basics, focusing on her clients’ needs and giving them her full attention. “I prefer to work one on one in order to give the client valuable advice on their skincare. You can only do this when you really take the time to concentrate on them,” she said.

Having had many years experience, Astrid’s favourite treatment is the facial. “Every facial is different”, she says. “Each one depends on the client’s skin at the time. It is very important that the treatment is complete therefore my facials last at least an hour and a half. It takes time to relax and no facial is complete with a massage.”

Most salons only work with one particular brand and Chic Cosmética is no different. Institut Esthederm is Astrid’s preferred brand of choice. Having spent three years training with it, she knows the ins and outs of all the products and believes it’s a fantastic and very affordable brand.

The company’s research has revolved around an innovative concept, ‘proactivity’, a unique strategy that gives the skin the means to react on its own, unlike most other products that are on the market. “Personally, I don’t think there are any products in the world that are as good as these”, she says.

Astrid also specialises in permanent make-up, a cosmetic technique that enhances the eyebrows and/ or eyes (liner). It generally lasts between five and nine years. Her other treatments include massages, (hot stone or herbal pad, for example), manicures, waxing and eye treatments (brow plucking and tinting, etc).

To make an appointment (evenings also), contact Astrid on 932 041 301.