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THE CAIRO DIARY by Maxim Chattam


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THE CAIRO DIARY by Maxim Chattam is out in paperback at 9.80 euros.

British-occupied Cairo, 1928: several young children have been found dead and mutilated in the tombs just outside the city.  Panic is spreading among the locals after a cloaked giant is sighted. Perhaps a ghoul from ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ has been brought to life. British Inspector Jeremy Matheson follows the trail of the monster, which takes him into the depths of underground Cairo as well as deep into his own tortured past.

Mont-Saint-Michel, 2005: Marion has taken refuge in the windswept and remote monastery located on a spit of land on the north coast of France. In the wake of a scandal reverberating throughout Paris, caused by her own revelations, she has been brought to the monastery by the Secret Service for her own protection. When she finds a diary dating from 1928 in the library, penned by Jeremy Matheson, she is inexorably pulled into the past. However, Marion is being watched and taunting notes and riddles urge her to give back her discoveries.

Although moving from one period to another throughout the book, Chattam manages to maintain the threads of the storyline and keeps the pace going until the end.