The best thing I ate this week…

By PATRICK STUART [email protected]

I am going to be on the road for a few weeks so rather than my usual contributions, my taste buds and camera phone will be at work picking out the best or most interesting things I eat each week.

Just before leaving Carvoeiro this week, I had a wonderful dinner with some dear friends at Restaurant Bon Bon in Carvoeiro, where the chef has just introduced some interesting new dishes that we sampled as a tasting menu, amongst them this most delicious carpaccio of scallops.

The dish is an exercise in the balancing of acidity and sweetness with contrasting textures, helped along with the crisply fried tempura red onion rings.

The sweet fresh scallops are seasoned with a touch of lime oil and dressed with tiny strips of sweet chilli, whilst cubes of yuzu jelly add gentle citric acidity. Those little white balls are spheres of bergamot, adding another occasional burst of flavour with fresh coriander completing the medley of flavours.

Restaurant Bon Bon

For reservations call 282 341 496 or 969 170 126.