The benefits of living or investing in the city lifestyle

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Lisbon is renowned internationally as a business, cultural and tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors from around the world. The longer-term investment in the city’s infrastructure by government, its many prime residential locations such as Park of Nations and the variety of amazing areas to live and work in the city has led to a lot of new investment in property from abroad.  So, what makes this city such a great place to live and invest in?

Lisbon is a modern European city with all the comforts of modern living at one’s doorstep but has the benefits of being a perfectly sized and authentic European capital city!  This authentic and historic city offers an unrivalled breadth of choice, and with much focus on riverside areas such as Park of Nations, with green spaces and cleaner environments, you can look forward to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  Lisbon also known for its safety and security.  In terms of healthcare, there are several private hospitals as well as public ones with a free National Health Service.  Portugal has also handled the COVID crisis very well – latest news is that Portugal has now officially reached the highest level of COVID vaccinations in the world (alongside Malta and the UAE) – with 84% fully vaccinated and 87% who have received their first shot at least.

Riverside city-living keeps you active as you tend to walk everywhere, especially with good public transport networks. With so much on your doorstep, you can literally walk to restaurants, work and entertainment, as well as to your children’s school.  In a city as architecturally interesting, beautiful and diverse as Lisbon there’s plenty to see along the way as you walk through the open spaces and green areas of the modern Park of Nations. This area is also an urban art district that competes on a global basis – with several art installations, works of street art and tilework by international artists as well as locals.

Martinhal Residences is the new luxury branded residences project in the area and offers the opportunity to live riverside with fresh air, relaxation and spaces to enjoy in the several peaceful green spaces. Apart from onsite gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, there are local gyms, health clubs and community sports clubs to join, and fantastic biking tracks to enjoy. The area is also very well-connected to Lisbon International airport, just 10 minutes away as well as to weekend escapes to Cascais, Sintra, the Alentejo and so on, all within 20-30 minutes reach.

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