The Beggar’s Thruppence

Members of the Aperitivo Performance Group have combined the funniest parts of the John Gay 18th century Beggar’s Opera with the most telling parts of the 20th century Threepenny Opera by Brecht into their very own 21st century version.

The rewritten play uses the light hearted humour of the Gay script adding some of the sharp irony of the Brecht version.

The Beggar’s Thruppence is set in the 1920s era of gangsters and prostitutes revolving around the cheeky character of Mac the Knife who finds himself about to be hung with his wives, friends and ill wishers waiting for his end, but is this really just the beginning?

The Beggar’s Thruppence is to be performed at the Museum in São Brás on June 4 and 5 and then at the newly restored theatre in Messines on June 11 and 12.

Admission to the performance costs 10 euros for non members and eight euros for friends of the museum.  Performances begin at 7.30pm.

For further information, please visit (available in English).  Alternatively email [email protected]