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The beauty of Ferragudo

An art exhibition showcasing original work depicting the beauty of Ferragudo is opening at the Mercado Municipal of this picturesque fishing village east of Portimão tomorrow (Saturday) at 4pm.

Entitled simply ‘The Beauty of Ferragudo’, the exhibition is organised by Galeria Arte Algarve in Lagoa and aims to display art that reflects the beauty of one of the Algarve’s most popular villages.

Several artists such as Cliff Martin Tuson, Alexandre Manuel, Christine Pâris Montech, Ernesto Mies, José Ramos, Alice, Else van der Laan and Jorge Fonseca will be exhibiting their vision of Ferragudo in a truly authentic setting – right at the waterfront.

The exhibition runs daily from 4pm to 11pm and on Saturdays also from 9am to 3pm. The exhibition will run until September 16.

For more information, please call 968 067 607.