The BBQ season is here!

Summertime has arrived and we all like to spend more and more time outside, enjoying our patio, garden or, if you’re lucky, the pool!

Having family and friends over for a barbecue becomes, more than a habit, something we simply can’t resist. But what if we still don’t have one? With so many options available on the market it’s almost impossible to decide on which is the most appropriate one for us, right? Wrong! You just need to find someone who ‘speaks the language’ and guides you through the process.

At Moveison Outdoor Furniture, you’ll find an extensive BBQs showroom with the sentences “BBQ is taste memory. BBQ is culture, not a concept. BBQ is friends, family & love.” on the wall and you know you’re at the right place!

Charcoal, gas or electric will depend on your specific requirements, but the team is there to guide you through every step of the way. Just looking at their BBQ range and its accessories will tickle your taste buds and, since they are main stockists for two of the world´s largest brands – Weber and Beefeater – you don’t have to wait a week or a month to get it.

Recently they’ve also become the official distributor of the world’s most advanced outdoor kitchen building systems by Fresco, which are now available for the first time in Portugal. This means they can liaise with your builder, architect or landscape designer to fit one of these systems in your home and enlarge your comfort and your alfresco lifestyle.

But we saved the best for last: play your cards right and you’ll not only leave the shop with a great BBQ and all the accessories you need to turn into a barbecuing master, but also with half-a-dozen recipes by Chris Winstanley, Moveison’s owner and a great cook, that will definitely blow your friends and family away the next time you invite them over for a barbecue!

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