The Art of Tasting Portugal launches website to promote national gastronomy and wines

The Art of Tasting Portugal, a project launched at the start of 2020 to help promote national gastronomy both in Portugal and abroad, has taken an important step towards reaching its goal with the launch of a website.

Available in Portuguese and due to be launched in English soon, the website provides insight into what the project is all about and information on the different regions, local cuisine, wines, producers, products and experiences.

The project has already been officially sponsored by the Ministry of Sea and Ministry of Agriculture.

“The Ministry of Sea and Ministry of Agriculture’s recognition of the importance of this platform, its goal and the work we are carrying out provides huge impulse for the visibility of the project and we believe it will be an argument to get other public and private entities to join and strengthen the impact of these initiatives,” said Patrícia Dias, director at Chefs Agency which founded The Art of Tasting Portugal.

As with everything else, the pandemic has changed the way we look at and buy food. According to Dias, more and more people are looking to buy local, regional and national products – something that the platform aims to encourage and promote among the Portuguese population.

But the goal is also to appeal to foreigners who might not know about the quality of Portuguese wines or the best-kept secrets of Portuguese cuisine. In fact, that is exactly why the creators of the platform decided to give it an English name.

“We believe our initiative will soon become an important tool in Portugal’s international recognition,” said Dias, adding that the platform can help spark tourist interest in Portugal and strengthen its image as a top quality destination.

Every week, the platform focuses on a product from a certain region of Portugal, presenting its producers and selecting one of the project’s many partnering chefs to cook a delicious dish. Wine pairing recommendations are made by wine critic João Paulo Martins, while a hotel at the selected region is suggested as well as a connection to a local artisan.

The goal is to present the “possibility of an integrated, genuine and unique experience in our country,” the platform says.

“We want to appeal to the consumption of regional products, such as Fundão cherries, Castro Marim fleur du sel, fish from the Azores coast and Madeira wine, while raising awareness about the international influences that Portugal had throughout history and which are still present in our diets,” the platform adds.

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Chef Vitor Sobral at S. Jorge, Azores