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The art of making furniture

WORKING IN the Algarve for six years, Equipa Quatro initially designed and built high quality, solid wood furniture using the traditional methods of cabinet makers used for hundreds of years in the Bavaria region of Germany.

Michael White, an English master joiner and carpenter, together with Marlene Uldschmidt, herself a designer and architect, are the founders of Equipa Quatro. Michael has spent many years in Germany where he also became a German Master Joiner and there he came across the particular art of making furniture using solid wood only.

Michael converts Marlene’s designs, which are dominated by clean and elegant lines yet practical and pleasing to the eye, into truly beautiful pieces of contemporised furniture.

The opening of a design and architect studio in Ferragudo by Marlene Uldschmidt gave Equipa Quatro a new dimension. Marlene’s house designs are unique and individual. She is using Equipa Quatro’s ability to design and build furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, lounge and dining rooms, to become integral parts of her overall design, blending and combining harmoniously with the whole architecture and style.

Equipa Quatro has already designed and built a number of timber framed houses as well as continuing to create high quality interior and exterior furniture, further evidence of how diverse Equipa Quatro has become.

Spiral staircases, floors and ceilings of solid wood are other areas in which Equipa Quatro excels. FenWin is the latest addition to Equipa Quatro, a high quality double glazed window and door system including patio doors, which is made by the team at their own workshop in Messines.

The capacity to give windows and doors their individual design and make them to measure for their customers fits perfectly into the overall concept and philosophy of Equipa Quatro.

Combining different areas of expertise in design and construction, Equipa Quatro retains control over and during the building process for the benefit of the client.

Equipa Quatro offers complete turn key solutions for the construction of new properties or projects such as renovation and reconstruction of older properties.

Equipa Quatro can be contacted at 282 332 937 or 968 341 921 (Michael White).