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The art of healing


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Author and healer John Campbell has moved to the Algarve after getting “a feeling of complete calm” on entering the country for the first time.

Following 22 years travelling in Australia and frequently visiting the UK, he has decided to continue his work from the Algarve.

It wasn’t until he crossed the border from Spain into Portugal that a feeling of “complete calm” overcame him and he fell in love with the Algarve.

All well as being the author of two books, Attune Yourself to Reiki and his most recent offering, The Dream Key, John is a healer and clairvoyant using many methods to obtain positive results.

Reiki, the Callahan Technique, Cosmology healing and hypnosis are just some of the methods he uses, including his own which is described in detail in The Dream Key.

The book, which took 12 years to create, is about empowering the self to change people’s lives in just seven days.

Originally an electrician at the shipyards in Newcastle in the UK, John says he has always had the ability to practise clairvoyancy and healing. “I just always knew that I could do it,” he said, “but it’s very difficult to cope with when you are a child because you don’t really understand why everyone can’t do it.”

John’s interest in Reiki increased dramatically following a motorbike accident in 1988 which left his foot crushed and him unable to walk without the aid of a walking stick.

He said Reiki gave back his freedom to walk.

Although healing is now his profession, clairvoyancy is his hobby. “I have developed my readings over the years. I help people to understand where they are at in their lives. It usually involves working with issues from their childhood – often inhibiting belief structures that we work to recognise and see them as strengths, not just as weaknesses.”

Many emotional issues can also manifest themselves as pain, which John can help treat using his unique methods of healing.

John, who is based in Carvoeiro, specialises in treating skeletal and spinal problems, which can work in conjunction with traditional medicine. His two books, Attune Yourself to Reiki and The Dream Key, are available from

For more information, please contact John Campbell 910 908 825.