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The Art of Drowning


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The Art of Drowning by Frances Fyfield is out in paperback at 12.50 euros.

Fyfield writes excellent, enthralling mysteries that focus on seemingly ordinary people, revealing human weakness and evil alongside strength and virtue.

In The Art of Drowning, Rachel Doe changes the pattern of her life when she leaves her lover. She meets the charismatic Ivy Wiseman, part-time model, ex-junkie and a survivor of divorce as well as the death of her first child. Ivy inspires life, as do her farming parents in their ramshackle house with its swan-filled lake close to the sea.

During a sultry summer, Rachel is told of the drowning of Ivy’s daughter, of the ex-husband, Carl, and of how Ivy’s parents are desperate to locate him and their surviving grandchild.

Inspired by the care and comfort that the Wisemans give her, Rachel determines to find Carl for them.

He proves easy to find but the man she meets does not have the outlines she had mentally drawn. Disarmed, confused and outmanoeuvred, Rachel continues her naïve quest to do what is right, unaware, in her innocence, that in murderous family battles there is no justice, only vendettas and no life is sacred, least of all her own.