The art of belonging

German artist Doris Sanders has had firsthand experience of finding it difficult to be understood and the frustrations that this caused her led her to reflect on the theme of integration and how it could be portrayed through art.

Together with her partner António Almeida, who has a background in linguistics and has worked for the European Parliament as a terminologist, the pair had the idea of celebrating the differences between cultures.

Between them and the cooperation of José Delgado Martins, the president of Casa das Artes in Tavira, they set up Tavira Ilimitada to express differences between cultures in a positive way.

The first event by the group was held in Tavira in 2003 with Frankenstein Fortnight including an art exhibition, debates and a film linked to the theme of a man trying to create the ideal person.

Since then the programme of events has increased and on August 21 the theme of xenophobia and racism will be debated by the president of Tavira Câmara Jorge Botelho with Paul Schmit, the Luxembourg Ambassador to Portugal, Juan de Dios Ramirez, the president of the Romany Union of Spain, EU deputy Rui Tavares and Jorge Sampaio, the UN representative for the Alliance of Civilisations.

The debate is part of a series of projects which will last for six months and will also include art exhibitions and other activities including nearly 30 associations in Tavira.

For further information, please visit www.acasadasartes.com