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The Algarvian Driver

The Algarvian Driver


Always in a hurry once he’s in a car,

It’s a form of driving that’s quite bizarre,

Pressing you to let him pass

He follows you right up your a***

Cutting up, he overtakes,

Then slapping suddenly on his brakes;

Indicates  left, then swops to right,

Wishes he could take to flight,

Although his journey is never far.

He drives like some demented super-star.

Accelerator down with all his might

Tyres scream before a traffic light.

Never stops at a main road junction,

Hitting breaks that hardly function.

Flying down the motor way,

A Grand Prix driver to portray;

For driving fast is just display

Never thinks of disarray.

Has he got correct car-papers?

Or is he one of the legal breakers ?

Perhaps he’s driving just for joy ?

Risks and chances he will employ.

Could it be that he is late ?

Is his speed for an important date,


Let us be just crystal clear,

He’s only hurrying to have a beer.

Ann English