Cast and crew at photoshoot - Santa Isabel Riding School, Alvor

The Algarveans under starter’s orders with comedy for Humorfest

Every year Lagoa Municipality celebrates a theme, 2019’s being ‘inclusivity within the community’ and, in this vein, The Algarveans theatre group have been invited to participate in Humorfest, an annual comedy festival happening throughout March.

Members of the company are already in rehearsal for their first production of the season, “Ladies’ Day” by Amanda Whittington. This promises to deliver all the humour of “Calendar Girls” and “The Full Monty”, with the charm of “Dinner Ladies”.

“Life is one long, hard slog for fish-filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda. But could their fortunes change when they head to Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot? Factory hairnets and overalls are replaced with fascinators and frocks as they hit the races for an unforgettable day out. Secrets are spilt with the champagne and friendships are tested. But if the ladies’ luck holds, they could hit the jackpot – and more besides…”
Taking the reins as director for the first time with The Algarveans is Angela Theobold whom audiences will remember as vicar Geraldine Granger in last year’s popular production of “The Vicar of Dibley”. Angela has gathered a cast of fresh faces and experienced members and brings many years of stage experience as well as her own brand of humour to rehearsals where the emphasis is not just on producing an enjoyable, professional show but also fun for those rehearsing.

The Algarveans have always been keen to encourage inclusivity and be part of the local community. Nationalities of past productions have included Americans, Brits, Canadians, Germans and Portuguese. The group actively encourages new members to join and participate with a ‘just have a go’ philosophy.

The Algarveans are proud to have been performing since 1991, and with three productions planned for 2019 (see for more details), they continue to raise funds for local charities as well as the curtain on some great entertainment. Ladies’ Day is certain to be a winner at Humorfest.

Ladies’ Day is playing at Lagoa Auditorium from March 21- 23. Tickets costing €12 can be booked by email at or by phone 913 745 261.

Cast and crew at photoshoot – Santa Isabel Riding School, Alvor
Shelley, Linda, Pearl, Patrick the jockey, Jim the TV presenter, Kevin the Gambler with “Tony’s Lad”.
Director Angela Theobold with Lara Costa, Tracey Christiansen and Karen Barroso in rehearsal
Lara Costa, Karen Barroso, Tracey Christiansen and Sonya Namik as the Four Ladies