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The Algarvean’s autumn offering

The Algarvean’s Experimental Theatre was formed several years ago by a group of enthusiastic amateur performers. Fifteen years later, with many pantomimes and plays behind them, members are once again rehearsing for this year’s autumn production – Dish of the Day.

“The group enjoy giving an opportunity to new and younger members to gain theatre experience,” says director Jenny Grainer. “I chose the plays carefully to give new members and the more seasoned actors a chance to expand on the type of roles they play. We have involved as many members of the group as possible, from 13-year-olds upwards, to perform the three very different one act plays under the global title of Dish of the Day. The performance on the night of Saturday, October 28 will be a benefit night for the Castelo de Sonhos Silves based charity, which does a great deal of good in the community.”

Making up Dish of the Day will be act one, The Skip by Mary Rentsen. The Skip poses the questions, when is old, antique? When is antique reproduction? And when does something become rubbish? Five women share their views on other people’s rejects. In act two, Vin Extraordinaire by Stella Ross, the audience is told what happens when a miracle occurs in a monastery in France, revealing the effect on village life – leaving them wondering if God always knows what he is doing. Finally in act three, The Bride of Death by Constance Cox, a gripping melodrama is played out with gusto. A vampire’s bride must achieve her husband’s salvation before sunset and includes dramatic lighting and sound effects. While each play may have a serious side all three acts provide a great deal of gentle comedy.

The venue is the delightful Boa Esperança playhouse in Portimão next to the main church, where several of the Algarvean’s productions have been staged in the past. It recently underwent a facelift, has its own snack bar and is easy to find close to the underground car park in the centre of town.

Performances will be held on Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29 at 8pm with a Matinee on Sunday, October 28 at 4pm. Tickets cost 10 euros and can be booked by calling 282 789 608.

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