The Algarve sees a rise in ‘workation’ getaways

What exactly is a ‘workation’? During the pandemic, there were so many different approaches to travel including longer stays, quick getaways and staycations. Is a workation just another buzzword in the travel world or are we going to see more people choosing to work remotely in warmer climates?

At SandyBlue, we have already seen a spike in enquiries from guests who are looking to work in the Algarve, favouring properties that are equipped to help them get their work done and that offer relaxation when it’s time to log off.

A rising trend
The fact that we have seen this increased demand for working remotely means this is a trend to keep an eye on. Resorts in destinations like Bangkok, Greece and the Algarve are already offering extended workation packages because of this.

In new research conducted by Tui, 52% of all office staff revealed they would welcome the opportunity for a workation and believe it would make them happier and better at doing their job. It’s clear that work-life balance is more important than ever before and workations are directly tied to this. If staff were able to work in an environment that makes them happy, productivity would surely rise – management teams will begin taking note of this.

In fact, they already are. It is not just individuals looking into the workation concept. One of our villas recently hosted a team of six from a company in the UK, who used the opportunity to work on important projects while growing more productive as a team!

What does a workation entail?
Who wouldn’t want to spend their lunch break enjoying a dip in their own private pool? Of course, as with all getaways, planning is always necessary. With a workation, there are many factors guests will have to consider before committing to this. First and foremost, guests should liaise with their rental company to ensure the property is equipped with everything they will need to complete their work.

We make sure our villas have the fastest Wi-Fi, so that professional lives certainly won’t come to a standstill and guests can really enjoy being productive.

Another aspect is time zones – will work communications be viable if you are at a drastically different time difference? Of course, UK guests won’t have this issue to tackle in the Algarve, so it’s not surprising to see it as one of the top workation spots!

The future of the workation
As a very young trend, it will be interesting to see how this evolves. We expect many people will be very tempted by the prospect of working in a sunny villa, so there is likely to be many experimental workations! If big companies begin to see the value in this, there will definitely be big investment in team workations in the years to come!

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