The Algarve rises in popularity for large group holidays

The Algarve rises in popularity for large group holidays

Having already been voted Europe’s hottest beach destination by the World Travel Awards this year, the Algarve is certainly gaining more positive attention from holidaymakers.

However, there has been increased interest from guests seeking larger villas to accommodate a big group. In particular, we are seeing the Algarve on the top of many lists of places for big family celebrations. Milestone birthdays, weddings and anniversaries in the sun are on many 2022 resolutions lists!

So, with larger groups comes the need for large family villas that keep the family together in a lovely place to call home as they enjoy their trip. It’s a growing market – one that we strongly encourage owners with larger properties to pay attention to.

The large-villa market
A villa that accommodates a larger group would typically have four bedrooms or more. Furthermore, the exterior and interior of the property will offer plenty of furniture, large pools and general spaciousness for complete comfort.

At SandyBlue, we have seen a significant growth in enquiries for larger groups. With more people choosing to celebrate occasions abroad, we expect this rise to continue in 2022 as the Algarve’s popularity does too.

It’s important to remember that with a desire for a large property comes more expectations from guests. Location is of course pivotal, so that the local hotpots are all within close distance when it’s time to explore.

When it comes to the villa itself, we often see stand out features that really get the properties noticed. Games rooms, cinema rooms and even saunas are becoming common features in larger properties.

What can villa owners do to stand out?
When it comes to our owner partners, SandyBlue carries out regular inspections and reports so we can give feedback to our clients on improvements. Moreover, we can also suggest features that will really help the property stand out.

With a larger group staying at villas, it is important to remember that this means there will be a broader range of age groups to cater for. The guests want to see that children will be entertained throughout the day, while ensuring that adults are also equipped with everything they will need for the stay. Another important factor is accessibility, should any guest need easier access due to disability.

So, it’s integral that the property’s selling points for big families are clearly communicated when marketing the villa.

A place for all occasions
Whatever the occasion may be, the Algarve is definitely one of the hottest places for family celebrations right now. As mentioned, we expect the rise in large villa enquiries to continue. Some of these groups are even requesting more than one villa, so showing that your property is celebration-ready will be a huge draw for guests in 2022!

By Joe Mountain

Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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