The Algarve goes on red alert for World Aids Day.jpg

The Algarve goes on red alert for World Aids Day

World Aids Day today (Friday, December 1), is an opportunity for people to unite in the fight against HIV and Aids.

The National Aids Trust is encouraging people worldwide to wear a red ribbon, talk to people and take part in various events to raise awareness of Aids being staged all over the world.

Portimão is the setting for the Algarve’s contribution towards the event by hosting a four-day educational programme at the Parque das Feiras e Exposições until December 3.

Organised by the Regional Administration of Health in the Algarve, the event will feature lectures from medical specialists about protecting against HIV and Aids. Professor Henrique de Barros, the national co-ordinator for the HIV/Aids virus in Portugal will also be present at the event.

Around 40 million people are living with HIV throughout the world, 22,000 of those live in Portugal.