Photo of the Odelouca dam, in one of the municipalities taking part in the Águas Sem Fronteiras project

The Águas Sem Fronteiras project – join us and make using water efficiently a child’s play!

Text by Teresa Fernandes, Head of Communications and Environmental Education at Águas do Algarve

Understanding how the climate crisis caused by humans is affecting the planet is not only vital but urgent, and education plays a key role in it.

Águas Sem Fronteiras (Water Without Borders) is an environmental education and social awareness project by Águas do Algarve which covers all the 16 municipalities in the region. Its main goal is to ensure that the knowledge and skills needed to promote a future based on sustainable development reach everyone in the Algarve. And if we focus on the children of today, we’ll be raising the mindful adults of tomorrow!

Making conscious use of water is not however one of the most intuitive tasks for children – they are often too excited playing to remember that it is a scarce resource – and it is therefore our mission to make them aware of everything associated with an efficient use of water. The Águas Sem Fronteiras project intends to raise awareness on this topic amongst young people, in a fun way, engaging them through stimulating and educational activities, games and challenges, focusing on subjects such as the urban water cycle, circular economy, climate change and environmental preservation in general, and having Clarinha e Salpico as their ambassadors and guides throughout this journey. Through this educational initiative, we will be reaching not only schoolchildren, but also the Algarve community, promoting and encouraging them to adopt sustainable lifestyles, namely where water usage is concerned, in order to maintain the quality of life, health and well-being of all living beings on Earth and of future generations.

Water shortage is a real problem. And it has been increasingly felt as a result of the climate change in our planet. Something must be done today to reverse this situation and guarantee a future for everyone. It is therefore only natural that Águas do Algarve take a leading role in educating citizens to be more aware of the vital importance of water resources, thus promoting their environmental education. Conscious that our mission will always go far beyond ensuring the supply of water in quantity and excellent quality for human consumption, as well as the treatment of urban wastewater according to the highest standards of quality and reliability, we are committed to continue bringing communities closer together, changing mentalities, perspectives and environmental paradigms.

So, grab your little ones and join us; become part of the Águas Sem Fronteiras project! Come meet Clarinha and Salpico, and find out all they have to teach you. With them, your children will discover videos, information, curiosities and advices on how to use water efficiently and consciously, because this a mission that needs to belong to all of us.

More information on the Águas Sem Fronteiras Club, the project’s different activities, events’ dates, on how to participate and become more ‘water-aware’ on our website at

Poster for the Águas Sem Fronteiras project and photo of Teresa Fernandes, Head of Communications and Environmental Education at Águas do Algarve

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