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The 1755 earthquake

Two lectures will be held on February 7 by the AAA (Algarve Archaeological Association) to discuss the implications a major earthquake in November 1755 had on the Algarve.

The first will be held at the Museum of São Bras at 3pm, with a lunch held prior to the lecture at a local restaurant.

The second event will take place at 7.15pm at the Lagoa Convento, where a dinner will be arranged after the lecture.

In order to understand the impact of the 1755 earthquake, Dra FantinaTedim will address topics including the historical and scientific sources relevant to the earthquake, the impact of the earthquake and tsunami in the Algarve and also the responses received from the time of the disaster.

Dra Tedim, a current assistant professor in the Geography Department at the University of Porto, will also consider the impact of a similar event happening again in the near future and the vulnerability of the Algarve.

All are welcome to attend AAA lectures, and for those who are not members there will be a €5 charge, which will go towards assisting students at the University of Faro, and paying for archaeological work at sites around the Algarve.

For more information, please call  917 267 948

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