Thanks to all who helped Casa Santo Amaro

Dear Editor,

Stephanie Gray and I would like to use your paper to send thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped to not only improve things for the residents of Santo Amaro, but the staff as well.

Lots of towels and bed linen have been donated to the home, and we have been overwhelmed by their gratitude. A super man named Lee paid for the repairs to Leonor’s wheelchair (you can see her in Intermarché Lagos), donated five tablets to the occupational therapy department, and has now purchased four manual relax chairs for them as well.

The Church Bowls Group at the bowling club in Praia de Luz has bought two more for them. These will arrive in January and are eagerly awaited. Many thanks to both of these!

Two more people need a special mention. Tim Bebbington for his gift of paint and rollers, and Karen from Linen Etc who donated four pairs of curtains; both of these things were used in the dining room, which is now brighter and more cheerful and welcoming than before.

On December 19, Stephanie and I went to their Christmas lunch and gave out the presents and three staff hampers donated by lovely people. Both residents and staff were stunned and thrilled!

Then we gave them the huge amount of art materials for the occupational therapy department which was paid for by a German community group. We were thanked by the president, the vice president, relatives as well as the residents, but the thanks belong to all the wonderful people I have mentioned. Thanks also go to the Algarve Resident for its two articles on Leonor and Casa Santo Amaro.

Having said all this, the Casa is still in need of any unwanted towels and bed linen, and they would be extremely grateful of any unused tins of exterior paint, while money is very tight and needed for patients.

Thank you all, and Happy New Year!

Jennifer Herrtage
By email