Thank you to Faro cardiology unit

During the hot summer of 2004, Ann and Ian Priest were holidaying in Cabanas, near Tavira, when Ann, thinking she was simply suffering from indigestion, was rushed to Faro hospital after her symptoms worsened. Two of Ann’s arteries were blocked and needed immediate attention, which was administered quickly and efficiently by Dr. Jean-Pierre, a cardiologist at Faro hospital. The Priests were so overwhelmed by the speediness of Ann’s treatment that, in a bid to say thank you to the staff at the cardiology unit, Ian took part in the Great North Run. After receiving sponsorship from friends and family in their home town of Butingford, England, he raised 575 euros for the cardiology unit at Faro hospital, which he handed over at a recent ceremony. “The staff were all so fantastic, I just wanted to say thanks,” commented Ian. “After speaking to a doctor in England, we discovered that Ann would have had to wait months for the operation, which she received in Faro hospital within three hours.” The cardiology team were very touched by Ian’s efforts and pleased to receive the money he raised. “It is wonderful that Ian has done this and we are all very grateful for his support,” commented Dr. Larquito Carlo.