Thank you, from O Castelo dos Sonhos

Thank you, from O Castelo dos Sonhos

Dear Editor,

All of you know that O Castelo dos Sonhos has fought for children in danger and also against poverty. Everyone from O Castelo dos Sonhos would like to thank The Resident for its support and kindness.

My dream is perhaps too ambitious – I would like to change today’s troubled society and construct a place where children, whose parents work at night, as well as all those who suffer from mistreatment, are welcome.

I can bear physical pain, but the emotional pain, like so many human faults such as indifference and disrespect for children’s rights, hurts more.

Friends have given me the strength to continue with O Castelo dos Sonhos, and we have achieved so much, but there is still more to do.

A thank-you goes to all the volunteers who, day by day, work in different sections, raising money through events, with hearts full of love and generosity, as well as with a smile.

I would also like to thank those who organise the Picnic in the Park, the St. Patrick’s Society, the Anglican Church (Boliqueime and Lagos), Patricia Hitchinson, Fini Graddisching, Ana Rosa and Bebete, Hotel Garbe, Friends of Austria, Verna Kinder, John and Janice Miller, Dr. Ilse Pina, Mr. Eduardo Vieira and his wife, our friend Jenny Grainer, who with her pen transmits the O Castelo dos Sonhos appeals for help, and David Lucky and Anne, all of whom are great friends and have a special place in my heart – I apologise to those not named, but the list would be too long.

Liliana Jacinto Rodrigues, President of O Castelo dos Sonhos