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Thank you from Bombeiros – 1

Dear Editor,

How very nice to see the ‘Thank you? from São Brás bombeiros last week. So often ex-pats willingly, rightly, support so many Algarve charities but I have never before seen a letter of thanks. Indeed, I have been to events to raise money where the charity has not even bothered to turn up or the person sent cannot speak English. Manners cost nothing, are always helpful and may well increase a charity’s chances of fundraising.

I have noticed, in response to the latest tragic fires, letters in your pages castigating non-Portuguese; the very people as the São Brás Bombeiros letter, rightly, thanks!

I do take it that those complainants, against non-Portuguese and what they bring, trade, faculties, wrote to you on clay tablets, live a subsistence, dawn to dusk farm life and relax at night just with a candle? Sorry folks, the non-Portuguese, according to all studies, save these rural areas as Portuguese do not want to live there, preferring the coast, apartments,  electronic gadgets, mobile phones, supermarkets etc.

Unfortunately (for you?), the Algarve has no future, economy without non Portuguese tourists/residents; and a deserted   Algarve would be open to even more fires. Often, it is alleged, started by Portuguese land owners. Sorry, face facts; burying one’s head in the sand achieves nothing positive.

Briefly, you cite the  protests (A22) in front of the President’s/Prime Minister’s holiday retreats and the lack of response. Can we ask if these gentlemen paid A2/A22 tolls or, rather, speeded through with a GNR escort, blue lights flashing? If so, perhaps that is why these two gentlemen could not care less about those who live here day to day, coping with austerity , tolls etc. To them, we are just a holiday home.

D Taylor-Smith

By email