“Thank you for your smiles”: tourism board praises friendly Algarve residents

The Algarve tourism board (RTA) is once again thanking local residents – both Portuguese and foreign – for their important role in the region’s success as a major tourist destination. Relaunching its campaign ‘Your smile is one of the secrets of the Algarve’, the RTA says: “The campaign evokes the warm, friendly welcome that residents typically extend to visitors.”

The campaign is being promoted digitally on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with a video that showcases some of the region’s most beautiful spots as well as the friendly smiles of locals.

It adds: “It also seeks to raise awareness about the importance of tourism for regional development and for people’s quality of life, highlighting the need to foster good practices in terms of welcoming visitors to the region.”

As Algarve tourism boss João Fernandes says, “the Algarve has many attractions – nature, gastronomy, heritage and the climate – but what we have, above all else, is our people – a community made up of residents of several nationalities.

“It is this kind of multiculturalism that contributes to the success of the region and allows us to welcome our tourists so well.”

While the pandemic has cast a dark shadow over the tourism industry globally, Fernandes says that we “didn’t want to miss the opportunity to thank residents for their dedication and for welcoming so well those who visit the Algarve”.

The campaign’s main promotional video can be viewed below.

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