Thank you

Dear Editor,

Having ceased my functions as Faro District Commander, I would like to express my sincere thanks for the way that this newspaper has worked with this institution during my command.

It has been with great seriousness, rigour and a sense of public duty that the Algarve Resident has published the activities of this police force, as well as dealing with the problems of public security, in a region where it is an important competitive factor against other destinations and in which protection and the affirmation of the quality of Algarve tourism have been strategic objectives during my command.

After a 19 year career in this district command, five as district commander, other professional challenges have been proposed, now as Regional commander of the autonomous region of Madeira.

I continue, at  your disposal, with greatest compliments,

Jorge Filipe Guerreiro Cabrita, Commander of Faro district PSP Police