Thank goodness for the fantastic climate!

Dear Editor,

Yet another fantastic week to boost the much-needed tourism on the Algarve!

What with the “Bingo” fiasco in Albufeira the other day, which was reported several times on the UK national news, the national strike (June 27) with flight problems into Faro (also mentioned this morning on UK news), and now the car hire companies at Faro airport having to operate out of the back of a van in car park 4 as they are no longer allowed to work inside the new and very expensive terminal building.

This must look so impressive to the new arrivals standing in a car park in 35ºC temperatures or the pouring rain. One of our clients who arrived late this week commented that there was a delay filling in the paperwork due to the torch battery running out in the back of the van!

There still seems to be no clear information on how tourists handle the tolls on the A22 so decide to risk the EN125 instead.

I cannot imagine what the next two months are going to be like on a road that is so dangerous and has received no (promised) monies to improve this terrible road.

It’s just as well that we enjoy such a fantastic climate on the Algarve, as I do not see many other contributions to help our holidaymakers arriving at Faro!

Richard Ballington, by email