Thais demand extradition of former prime minister

THAKSIN SHINAWATRA, the deposed prime minister of Thailand, has been sentenced to a two year prison term by Thai authorities after he was found guilty of charges of corruption.

The former owner of Manchester City football club currently lives in the UK and Thai prosecutors have said that they will be presenting the legal ruling to the British government in order to facilitate a quick extradition of the former prime minister.

A speedy extradition is highly unlikely, though, especially if Thaskin Shinawatra applies for asylum in Britain.

The billionaire telecommunications tycoon was found guilty of abusing his position as prime minister, the first of a series of verdicts due to be given against Thaskin Shinawatra.

A spokesman for the court in Bangkok said: “Thaskin has violated the article of the constitution on conflict of interest, as he was then prime minister and head of the government who was supposed to work for the benefit of the public.”

Thaskin Shinawatra first moved to the UK in 2006 following a military coup in Thailand.  After taking up residence in Kensington and buying a football club he returned to Thailand in February where he was duly arrested and then bailed after promising to return to defend himself against the charges.

The court in Bangkok allowed Thaskin Shinawatra to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic games but instead of returning to Thailand he and his wife flew to London where he has been ever since.

Thaskin Shinawatra responded to the news by saying:  “have been informed of the result.  I had long anticipated that it would turn out this way.”