Thai community thanks St. Andrew’s Society

THE TREASURER of the St. Andrew’s Society of Lisbon, Jamie Sanches, presented a cheque to Isobel Hedges of the Bangkok Patana International School.

The society had been raising money since January this year for the Pak Weep Village in the Phang Nga region of Thailand, an initiative that culminated with the Midsummer Masked Ball at the end of June.

Ms. Hedges, representative for the Pak Weep Village, said the devastation of the Boxing Day tsunami had been overwhelming. She expressed her deep appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the Thai community and said the money raised was enough to buy two houses and a fishing boat. Theresa Adams mentioned that the Committee was delighted with the response to the society’s fundraising. The Midsummer Masked Ball was an enormous success and the society would like to thank again everyone who supported the cause.

Meanwhile, it’s no sitting back for the Committee as arrangements for the annual St. Andrew’s Ball, celebrating Scotland’s Patron Saint, gets underway. This year, the ball will be held on Saturday, November 26, at the Hotel Palácio in Estoril. More information can be obtained from secretary Theresa Adams on 912 306 353 or email st.andrew’[email protected]