TGV high-speed train links may exclude Faro

news: TGV high-speed train links may exclude Faro

THE GOVERNMENT is to present a revised version of plans for new high-speed train links proposed by the previous administration. Significantly, it is believed that a route involving Faro will now be excluded.

The new plan reduces the proposed links to just two routes (Lisbon-Madrid and Lisbon-Porto) and envisages just four stops (Ota, Leiria, Coimbra and Aveiro) on the latter connection. This contrasts with the four routes envisaged by the previous government, including a high-speed connection between Évora and Huelva via Faro.

A detailed statement is expected after the government reveals its plans for Ota airport later this month. But it is becoming clear that the plans, which were to have cost 12.6 billion euros, will now be amended.

The first council meeting under the new executive at Faro Câmara resulted in a clash between rival councillors over alleged intentions to exclude Faro from the high-speed link. Former Faro Câmara president, José Vitorino, described any deviations from routes agreed by the previous administration as “ominous”.