Tests confirm case of West Nile virus in Algarve

Medical tests have confirmed that an Algarve resident was infected with the mosquito-borne West Nile Virus (WNV) in Faro this summer.

A statement published on health directorate DGS’ website “confirms the presence of the virus in the collected samples” and adds that “preventive measures are still in place and that authorities are following the situation closely”.

The tests were conducted at Lisbon’s Ricardo Jorge National Health Institute.

The case dates back to July when a man living in Faro was suspected of having contracted WNV (http://portugalresident.com/major-health-alert-after-suspected-case-of-west-nile-virus-detected-in-faro).

The man was released from hospital last month, but authorities quickly issued an alert to reinforce anti-mosquito “mechanisms”.

People were advised to use mosquito repellents and nets in their homes.

Authorities have since focused on destroying mosquito nests in areas where they are likely to appear, such as “water tanks with organic substances”, continuously stressing that this is a mosquito-borne virus which does not transmit from human to human.

In 80% of cases it causes little or no symptoms, but in 20% fever, vomiting, joint-pain and skin eruptions can occur seven to 10 days after people are bitten. In the most serious cases, WNV can cause viral meningitis.

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