TESLA is changing the world once again

After the latest development of TESLA, the TESLA Powerwall, there is now a new kid on the block: meet TESLA Powerwall 2, a brilliant battery device with more than double the capacity of its predecessor. And a built-in, single- or three-phase inverter makes everything look even better too.

Portugal is still in the race with Spain and other European countries to get Mr. Elon Musk to build his giga-factory in our backyard.

As this plant, like the Nevada giga factory, will run completely on its own-produced solar energy, the Algarve would be the perfect place for it as it boasts 300 days of sunshine!

So, who is this genius?

Elon Musk once sold his own brainchild ‘PayPal’ for several billion dollars.

While many of us would want to enjoy our days by the pool or on some paradisiac beach, Mr. Musk couldn’t sit still and instead founded the world-famous electric car company TESLA Motors. But he also owns space company SpaceX and solar company SolarCity. He even managed to let his space rocket land back on earth in one piece and if that was not enough, he did it again on a platform in the middle of the ocean.

TESLA Powerwall 2

The state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery offers not only 10 years of warranty but also unlimited charging cycles. In the Algarve, this could easily mean 13-14 years or more!

Average DoD (Depth of Discharge) of lead acid or lead crystal batteries is around 55%, where the lithium batteries have a DoD of 80%.

The TESLA Powerwall 2 can be wall or floor mounted and, with its built-in inverter, it looks fantastic to offer 13.5Kw of storage and is expandable by up to nine units. This will get you power free through the night.

TESLA roof and wall solar tiles

SolarCity will start producing roof and wall solar tiles. This offers clients the ability to integrate photovoltaic panels on their (new to build) roofs or façades/walls.

This does not only look fantastic, it will also enable your house to produce power.

There will be four models available:

■ conventional tiles
■ three types of roofing shingles, of which one looks like slade and will offer a great ‘glass wall’

By Kenneth Grondijs
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Kenneth Grondijs is founder and member of the Sustainable Superstore and owner of SHS Solar Solutions. He has been involved in sustainable energy since 2009 in Algarve, offering advice on various energy saving concepts
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